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Our Customer With Over 1 MILLION Subscribers...

You may have heard of MVPerry. 


He teamed up with us to make a dent in the online anime shop industry because of how well we support our artists!


Just as we spend most of our time and effort making the highest quality products for our customers, we spend a lot of time and a whole lot of money making sure we support our artists better than any other anime shop!


I won't go on a complete tangent but the #SupportArtists movement is really needed right now...


So many anime shops out there just don't pay the artists that make their products on their store.


Most anime stores you see literally just buy cheap, inhumanely made products from overseas and don't ever see or touch the physical product. 

(That's called drop shipping, which is a scam happening to anime lovers all over the world right now. I have an article on that - here.)


So we are going against the grain and putting real love and care into our products, our community, and our team of amazing artists.


That's why MVPerry chose us over any other anime store!


... And why he buys from us too!


Speaking of which, he made a video for us!


He sent us this to use in our ads, because of how excited he is to be partnered with us!


Here's the un-edited video for you to check out. (kind of a behind the scenes look!)



As you can probably tell this is an finished part of a video he released on YouTube.


If you want to see the full video where he ranks anime based on how scary they are (it's hilarious) you can see that video here.


Ok hope you enjoyed that, thanks for reading!


Have a great day ^-^


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