Different Color Feng Shui.



We know that sometimes picking the right posters for your room could be difficult because it's hard to tell which colors match which designs.


Because of this, we decided to make a few examples / guides for a few color schemes!


I'll make this real short and sweet for you by making a list of images that you can look at and link some of the posters that are in the image.


Then, you can vote on your favorite room set up with the survey below!


Ok lets get started:


#1 - Light Room With Plants


Here is a real simple, white wall room for you. You can pick up a few plants - whether fake or real - and a few light colored wood furnishings and basically have this room!

The posters in this image are:

Singing Anime Poster - size large

Stone World Anime Poster - size medium

A Hunter Fishing Anime Poster (Triple Wide Set)

Northern Lights Poster - size large

Blooming Promises Anime Poster - size medium


#2 - Black Out


This room is personally my favorite, because I love all black. Those of you who have a dark room you want to fill with some vibrant art will dig this!

The posters in this image are:

Kuudere Synthwave Anime Poster - size large

Subway Ride Anime Poster - size medium

Tsundere Fireworks Anime Poster - size medium


#3 - Pink & Roses


This one is kind of Pinterest vibes. If you're in to pink, here's your set up! You can probably find similar decorations at Target or Ikea.

The posters in this picture are:

Gamer Girl Anime Poster - size medium

Girl Sleeping Anime Poster - size medium

Parallel Anime Poster - size medium

DERE Winter Anime Poster - size medium


#4 - Concrete


I like this one a lot. I think it makes for a cool home office set up! Really simple, not much that you would need for this besides the light colored table and some minimalist ornaments and chair. You could easily find this stuff at Ikea!

The posters that are in this one are:

City Nights Anime Poster - size medium

Worth Summer Anime Poster - size medium

The Wind Anime Poster - size medium

Temper Anime Poster - size medium

Other Side of the World Anime Poster - size medium


Now you can submit your answer below for what room set up was your favorite!


Oh, and feel free to use the discount code at the top of the website if you want to pick up any of those posters above!


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